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As we continue moving forward beyond what can be described as a global social, cultural and economic earthquake that has shaken the foundation of business and social connection, it is now more important than ever for organizations to pragmatically adapt, innovate, and learn how to thrive once again.  Brands need to be enlightened that they now have the opportunity to demonstrate a new type of corporate leadership that can enhance local or global communities, regain lost morale, and build back in a more meaningful way.  Properties, events, and festivals also have the opportunity to restore the social connection with customers and fan bases in new and dynamic ways.

The Will & Way Collective is proud to welcome its new affiliates from Toronto - Peter Cosentino, DEC Sports & Entertainment President and Partnership Builder, and Lindsay Rennie, VP of DEC Insights and Marketing Partnership Consultant.  Peter and Lindsay are both experienced professionals that have contributed to the success of a number of respected organizations by connecting good brands with good properties, providing senior-level consulting, partnership strategy, and marketing solutions.

Peter Cosentino, Lindsay Rennie

During this time of social unrest and evaluation of brand promise and purpose, we are helping brands and properties across Canada adapt to an ever-changing landscape, build more resilient and engaging platforms, and tap into their full potential for growth and impact. We are revising new social narratives for brands as they pursue their re-entry into the marketplace. Here are a few ways that we can help.

  • Brand Innovation through Social Narratives

  • Impact Strategy

  • Partnership Strategy, Valuation, and Optimization

  • Partnership Sourcing

  • Ideation

  • Impact Program Activation

  • Content & Amplification

The time is now to make the change to re-secure your spot in the minds of consumers. To help organizations shift towards new solutions, we provide an interactive workshop that allows us to better understand change, develop new messaging, and reveal new opportunities. Let’s connect and discuss this together. We are happy to meet in person or over video conference.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to either Peter or Fred.

Credit: WILL + WAY

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