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  • Janet Jenkins


It appears the world is slowly returning to normal, and as businesses open back up across Ontario, the impacts of Covid-19 are becoming even more apparent. One of the greatest impacts was on the economy – which in turn meant that those already struggling financially before the pandemic, were in a worse situation than ever before.

However, one group aimed to make sure that everyone in the community – even those individuals that fell through the cracks and were not eligible to receive social support – had the basic necessities of food and personal hygiene items to help get them through these unprecedented times.

Full Table Project ramped up their efforts to arrange Free Food Tables around the Greater Toronto Area during a time when it was needed the most. Their charity works by arranging tables at various major intersections, for the community to drop off what they can, and take what they need. The tables are maintained by the staff, and stocked up regularly, however everyday numerous people from the community always join in the efforts by dropping of their donations and keeping both the Free Food tables full, and the tables of those in need.

The charity recently teamed up with Daffodil Developments, a Toronto-based development and construction firm active in the condominium and luxury home real estate sectors. Daffodil Developments has recently setup tw tables along Broadview avenue, one by Broadview station and one at the corner of Broadview and Mortimer.

This unlikely partnership was facilitated by Neo’s Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting reputable charity groups with the perfect donors and sponsors, to help in their cause and spreading their message. The partnership caught the eyes of local media, with articles in the Toronto Star Toronto Sun and CTV News covering their efforts to support the community.

Daffodil Developments, 86608 Capital Group, Ardy Khavari

Restrictions may be slowly easing, and the world getting back to business as usual, however the difficulties created by the pandemic, along with the pre-existing hardships which were only exacerbated during this period, are still present. Thus, philanthropic efforts such as those pursued by Full Table Project, Neo’s Foundation, HSB Engineering and Daffodil Developments are still very much needed – maybe more so than ever before.

Countless lives are being impacted thanks to their consistent efforts, which gives one the hope that it will provide an inspiration for others to do the same and continue uplifting our communities by work together side-by-side as a unit.

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